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Sreda, 17. Oktobar 2007.In accordance with the recommendations made by UN General Secretary in the Study on Violence against Children and objectives of the CE programme Building a Europe for and with Children, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Serbia and the Council for Child Rights of the Government of Serbia,... more »

Utorak, 02. Oktobar 2007.On 1 October 2007 the begining of Childrens week was announced by the press conference in Media centre Belgrade.Chidrens week (1-7th October) is traditionaly organised every year by the Friends of Children Serbia in partnership with Ministry of employment and social policy and Council... more »


School without Violence

Elementary school age has always been connected with different types of violence – from punching and pushing to threatening, gossiping or ridiculing, and complete exclusion of certain girls and boys from a group. In the world brimming with violence today, violence among school children has unfortunately become a trend. And although everybody knows that it is happening, this serious social problem often remains ignored in schools. Too often, when violence and bullying occurs, the majority simply watches in silence while some cheer it on and support it.... more »